Automotive/Commercial Sump Pumping

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Keeping your business clean and operational is important to us.

We use our vacuum trucks to clear out your commercial space of contaminants and excess fluids.

  • We efficiently remove excess water and silt buildup in automotive commercial spaces, including washing bays, that have accumulated over the life of its use keeping your operation clean, hazard free and with no down time.
  • By removing excess water and silt buildup from your automotive commercial space, you can prevent water damage to your equipment, flooring, and walls. This can help you avoid costly repairs and downtime.
  • Improved safety: A build-up of contaminants in your commercial space can create a safety hazard by increasing the risk of slips and falls. We will quickly remove the excess and silt, creating a safer work environment.
  • Having your commercial area, spill overs and sump areas clean and clear ultimately saves you time and money.

Get in touch today and let us clean your automotive commercial space, helping you maintain a safe, efficient, and productive workplace.


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Extreme Pressure Wash also trades as Septic Source, Action Septic and ExPressure.

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